Forecast Florence

Few phenomena offer astrologers as clear a look at the physical results of actuated astrological factors as that of severe weather events, especially the most powerful weather events on planet Earth: Tropical Cyclones.

A benefit of our modern society is that we have tools that previous generations of astrologers did not have. Chief among them are our system of satellites that monitor our planet in the minutest detail and virtually in real time.

It has been my observation that tropical storms display characteristics similar to the planetary factors responsible for the storm. For example, if a hurricane was developing under the influence of a Mars / Mercury aspect, one could expect a sudden, brief, intense but somewhat small cyclone.

However, in the present case we have Hurricane Florence poised to intensify, first under a Sun/Jupiter/Pluto aspect, then Venus/Uranus/Saturn and finally Mercury/Neptune over the course of 9/10-9/14.

The presence of the Sun/Jupiter/Neptune in this configuration will result in a storm of exceptionally large size, the influence of Uranus will be to surprise everyone as to how rapidly a large storm, and the influence of Pluto is in the extreme power and intensity of this storm.

In other words, by 9/12, I expect to see a Huge Cat 5 Hurricane, with a large well defined ‘eye’, that catches everyone by surprise and causes some panic.