December Tornado Outbreak: Another Lesson on the Inconjunct Factor

December Tornado Outbreak:  Another Lesson on the Inconjunct Factor

As astrologer’s, it’s not too often that we see a planetary pattern repeat itself nearly exactly and then to have the nearly exact same results repeat themselves precisely on time, but that is what has just happened on 12/1/18 in central Illinois.

Taylorville Illinois 12/1/18 @ 5 P.M. Aspect Pattern a near exact repeat of the Halloween Storms of 10/31/18
Aspects in Partile 10/31/18

I posted a forecast on October 30th at 2:13pm (see “The Storms of Halloween”) regarding an exact Venus-Uranus opposition with Mercury also becoming exact as a semi-sextile and quincunx participant in the overall pattern, which could be described as a ‘half-Yod’. The final result was that the October 31st outbreak became the top tornado day of 2018.

Aspects at Partile 12/1/18

Through the magic of retrograding planets, this exact pattern has reformed itself on December 1st, resulting in another destructive tornado outbreak, though slightly less intense. The Halloween Outbreak was a lot stronger on account of the quarter Moon at perigee and the ‘half-Yod’ being partile to the Lunar Nodes.

On many occasions I have observed an Inconjunct in effect during the most severe storms. I believe the lesson here is that it is a mistake for the astrological community to consider the Inconjuncts as ‘minor’ or even omitting them altogether. They are an integral part of an entire twelve-fold cycle of Signs interacting with other Signs by means of varying planetary alignments.