Time for another Powerful Inconjunct Pattern

At some point in the history of astrology,  Ptolemy’s Inconjunct aspects, the semi-sextile and the quincunx, became relegated to the back burner of an ever increasing number of astrological paradigms. In today’s astrology, if considered at all, they are regarded as “minor” and are regarded as less significant than other, more ‘modern’ factors.

This coming Monday night, December 10th, and all day Tuesday December 11th, there is a very distinct pattern of inconjuncts forming between some very powerful planetary factors: Scorpio Mercury 150* Aries Uranus, partile at 29*, and at the same time,  Sagittarius Sun 30* Capricorn Pluto, partile at 20* 

A powerful Inconjunct pattern forming overnight on Monday December 10 and early Tuesday morning the 11th. Mercury 150* Uranus and Sun 30* Pluto. Powerful cyclones are indicated.

I believe these factors will result in another outbreak of cyclone activity. Probably tornadoes in the Southern USA, and maybe some tropical cyclone activity in the southern hemisphere.

Here is a chart showing the large spikes in tornado action during the last two inconjunct patterns at the end of October and December 1st: 

The Grey columns are the average expected tornadoes on any one day and the red columns are the actual number of tornadoes. Please note the spikes at the end of October and the end of November, the results of the inconjunct factor