Mercury Quincunx Uranus Results in 100 MPH EF-1 Tornado

The Inconjuncts strike again. A 100 mph EF-1 tornado makes a surprise visit as Mercury forms quincunx to Uranus.

In an earlier post, “Will there be Tornadoes next Week?” I expected a tornado would result from the Mercury/Uranus  & Sun/Pluto inconjuncts forming Monday & Tuesday. In fact a tornado has resulted from this pattern, just a tad earlier than I thought. 

Surprise EF-1 Tornado packing 100 mph winds. This is evidence of Mercury / Uranus at work.

On Sunday morning, a totally unexpected EF-1 struck a Tampa Bay neighborhood and did a considerable amount of damage, just as Mercury, partile to the Lunar Nodes, was within  1*05″ of Uranus, and the rising Capricorn pattern in aspect to Neptune in Pisces .

Tampa Bay FL 12/9/18 8:57 a.m. Mercury in Scorpio partile to Lunar Nodes, just forming Quincunx partile to Uranus in Aries. Ingredients adding to the Tornado result are Rising Capricorn Planets in aspect to Pisces pattern.
Time of touchdown