Astrological Factors Correctly Forecast Timing of Earthquake Activity (again)

Two Major Earthquakes occur within 35 hours of each other during astrological influence

What is the likelihood of two major earthquakes occurring during a forecast period?

Probability of M7.1 within 1 day of target date is (p) .0694

Probability of M6.1 on exact target date is (p).388

The method of determining the probability of both Quakes occurring during the forecast period is to multiply the (p) of each: .0694 x .388 = (p) .027.

That would be 3 chances out of 100 of getting it right  

Follows are various documentation of this forecast and results

Text of December 8th forecast:                                                                                                                 Here is a shot at an EQ prediction: I see some conditions on December 12th +/- 6hrs EST that are ripe for another significant Quake, M6.4+ . I have documented the time and date by an email to myself.

Text of Gmail to myself
Time & Date Documentation by Gmail