The Storms of Halloween 2018

During the early afternoon of October 30th I saw on the weather station that there was an enhanced risk of a tornado outbreak in the southern states the following afternoon, on Halloween.

The National Weather Service  gave an assessment of a  15% chance of a tornado in that area on October 31st.

Remembering that 10/31 was a significant date on my Zodoc time series graph,

I drew a transit chart for noon the 31st. Immediately, I recognized the  developing Inconjuncts aspects, a semi-sextile / quincunx , pairing with a powerful opposition as a reliable indicator of very severe weather. So, I immediately made the following post to the NCGR Annapolis Facebook page in order to document the date and time of the post October 30, 2:13pm :

Forecast made on NCGR Annapolis October 30th

As it turned out, the Halloween Tornado Outbreak is the most significant tornado event of 2018, far surpassing the Springtime storms. Sadly, there were fatalities caused by this outbreak in addition to property damage.

I would just like to take this opportunity to point out to astrologers just how potent the Ptolemaic Inconjunct aspects really are. I have observed them many times occurring during the most violent storms on our Planet.