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Hi, I'm Steve DeLapp.  Welcome to, testing the notion that astrological paradigms  may explain weather phenomena. My method is limited in its scope, only reasonably able to predict the time and type of high impact weather events in the general USA. My method does not include specific locations, so stay tuned to The Weather Channel. 




Winter Season 2010

Oh Boy, Here We Go Again

Last year we got that cold air in January and the big snow in February. This year that same pattern has returned, except that it has moved up a month. It's been way, way below average temps for this December, and, I believe, a big snow is right around the corner.

My forecast is that the first round of snow we are about to get this Christmas Weekend is a foreshadow of a Monster SnowStorm that will be forming over the New Year's Eve Weekend and which will be in full force by January 3rd and 4th, a day when the New Moon will be a Solar Eclipse, adding a lot more punch to this Major Weather Event.

As before, I can't be specific about location. However, a key ingredient of this storm is that it will be widespread, and repeated in several locations around the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm pretty certain that the weather pattern that is pounding California right now will be shifting to the East Coast and will be the fuel for this Monster SnowStorm

Surprise is another ingredient of this (astrological) pattern. I do think that the Weather People will see a storm coming, but may underestimate the magnitude of this event, or may not be confident enough about the forecast to sound an alarm. So I think many people may be caught off guard by such an early snowstorm.

So, a Word to the Wise would be this:

A.) Have contingency plans for the first week of January, including the likelihood that the Kids will have (at least) one extra week of Christmas Vacation.

B.) Wal-Mart has an excellent snow shovel that is really, really strong,  really light weight, and is ~just~ the right size, for only $7.96. It was great last year and I bought a couple more ( helpers) for this years fun in the snow. 

Back later with more details about January and February

Posted Winter Solstice, 12/21/10